Come to Bangkok for the Best Cosmetic Dentists

There are many exciting new treatments to make us look and feel younger, and there are geographical regions around the world that specialise in one specific field. If you want a nose job, fly to Prague, and Istanbul is the place to have a hair transplant, and if it is dental implants and other cosmetic treatments you want, Bangkok is your destination city.

Radically Lower Costs

If you wanted to have a full set of dental implants in the US, for example, you wouldn’t get much change out of $50,000, yet you can come to Bangkok for first class treatment at a state of the art clinic for less than half of that. The main reason why the prices are so low is the cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in a developed country, and coupled with cheaper land and leases, many first-class dentists have set up shop in the City of Angels. You can afford to take a holiday in Phuket or Koh Samuii and still save money.

Teeth Whitening and Straightening

Most of the established Bangkok dental clinics have a specialist teeth whitening resident, who can achieve amazing results, and like the implants, the treatment is affordable. There are several treatments that can be used and the dentist would make a recommendation after an initial examination. Invisalign is an innovative treatment for straightening teeth, and the clear plastic device can be removed when eating and is invisible when worn.

Dental Implants

This is the major treatment that Bangkok is famous for, and finding a dentist in Bangkok can be combined with a tour of this amazing city that is a mixture of skyscrapers and serene Buddhist temples. The treatment is a permanent solution to missing teeth, and whether you require a single tooth or a complete set of upper and lower teeth, dental implant technology is the best solution.

Treatment Stages

The first step is to have an oral examination and have some X-rays taken, which will enable the dentist to see if your jaw bone is suitable for implants. If all looks good, the next step is to drill precision holes in the jaw bone, which will hold the titanium pins, which are inserted after a few weeks, which gives the titanium pins time to bond with the bone and tissue. The prosthetic teeth are made from a special composite material and look and feel like your natural teeth, in fact the colour is perfectly matched with the surrounding teeth, and once the prosthetic crown is fitted, the treatment is complete.

Choosing a Dental Clinic

There are many first-class dental clinics set up in Bangkok, and you should select an established clinic that has state of the art facilities. All are searchable with Google and once you have made your decision, you can book everything and look forward to a very exciting holiday in Thailand, which is an added bonus.

Missing teeth no longer present a problem thanks to dental implants, and Bangkok hosts the best dental implant clinics in the world, and at very affordable prices.

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